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The Abeka Curriculum


* Readiness Skills K4

* ABC-123 Book

* Writing with Phonics K4

* Art Projects K4

* Little Books to Read and Color

* Mini Alphabet Flashcards

About our Books

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About the Books

Readiness Skills K4 features coloring pages, directed art pages, and other activities designed to aid a young child in developing writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and listening and thinking skills. Readiness Skills K4 is correlated with the ABeka Book 4 yr. old Kindergarten Curriculum. It can be used independently of the curriculum. The sheets are perforated. Many of the even-numbered pages are blank so children can take completed paper home daily.

About the Books

ABC-123 Book introduces number concepts and the writing of numbers from 1-20. The children will enjoy counting the objects on the number sheets and coloring the pictures. Many of the even-numbered pages are blank so children can take completed papers home daily. The phonics pages provide guided activities in the following areas: short and long vowel sounds, simple consonants sounds, blending of consonants and vowels, and words containing

About the Books

Writing with Phonics K4 is designed for use as kindergarten writing workbook. It is correlated with basic phonics sounds to help children learn phonics as they practice correct writing formation. The lesson numbers correlated with the ABeka Book K4 Curriculum. The pages are to be used for seat work during reading circles, which begin second semester. The children may color the pictures after they complete the pages. Incentive awards for use during reading circles and seat work are included on the inside front and back

About the Books

Art Projects K4, which is part of a comprehensive, planned art program for kindergarten through sixth grade, may be used in the home or at school. It has been designed to give month-by-month variety in enjoyable art activities, to provide interesting seasonal projects, and to teach children elementary art techniques in various types of media. For school use, we suggest that art class be held 20 minutes each week during an activity period. We give step-by-step directions for each lesson and display a completed art project for the children to observe while they make their own. Each student should have scissors, crayons, and glue.


About the Books

Little books to Read and Color contain a total of 12 little books. Each book reviews the vowels, blending consonants, words containing one and two vowels, and sentences to practice the blending words.

About the Books

Mini Alphabet Flashcards are for the children to practice the alphabet which each contain a picture for the assign letter. It contains 31 flashcards (26 letters plus 5 long-vowel-sound letters).

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What Our Families are Saying

I have been working at this daycare for 7 years and I love it here! The owner and the manager work with my needs and are always understanding of the situation. If I have an emergency, they do not put any complaints in letting me tend to it. They have taken care of my grandchildren and I have never had any problems with having my grand kids being in my work place. The owner is fair to everyone and always brings in new material to help improve our rooms.settings.

Laura Almaraz

My daugther Nicole went to Angel keeper for about 6 or 7 years ,very professional team, specially the owner , I always felt comfortable and happy with them, thank you Cecy.

Diana Mitre

This daycare is amazing! Very generous staff and all of them are very caring. If you find yourself in a bad situation they go out of their way to help. I was undergoing a very difficult situation and the owner did everything physically possible to give me a hand. I know my children are in excellent hands and do not have to worry about how they are doing. I would definitely recommend this daycare to anyone.

Elizabeth Bryant



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